Hip Hop is more than a style of music. It has inspired clothing, street art, dance, and fitness. Decades ago it crawled its way out of New York and has spread to every corner of the globe. Everyone from dancers, to musicians, to children and parents can enjoy Hip Hop in a variety of forms, and Tampa is no exception. If you are looking to access your musical side, the consider taking a Hip Hop class!

Hip Hop is fantastic in that it is accessible to everyone. Everyone from professional dancers to complete beginners can enjoy and get good at moving to everyone’s favorite jams. So if you are considering exploring your sense of rhythm and movement, try one of these Hip Hop classes, and enjoy!


Beginners Only Hip-Hop Dance Class at VYB Dance Studio

This class is perfect for anyone who is reticent to give something new a try. If you are afraid of walking into a hip hop dance class only to be paired with people who seem to have secret second careers as back up dancers for J.Lo, then this is the class for you! It is specifically marketing to beginners ONLY, so you are guaranteed to be surrounded by other people with your limited ability. This is a fantastic way to start out in the Hip Hop world. You get to visit a professional dance studio, experience a full dance class, and do it all without the pressure to perform beyond your abilities.

VYB Studio (stands for Voice Your Body) was founded in 2007 by a group of dancers set on creating a professional studio with an urban feel. This studio is focused on lifting dancers up, and celebrating talent in the Tampa Bay Area. Their blog highlights local dance talent, and the fantastically energetic videos they post to Instagram will make you want to get up out of your chair and join the routine!

The studio is located in South Tampa on Bay to Bay Boulevard, and single class drop-ins are $20.


Hip Hop Classes at The Hip Room

Another great place to explore Hip Hop is at The Hip Room in Tampa Heights. This entry cheats the list a little bit since there are actually myriad of adult Hip Hop classes offered at this Studio alone! The Beginners class focuses on the fundamentals of Hip Hop, and every time you join you will learn new steps and a new combination. Once you have mastered that class, you can move on to Intermediate Adult Hip Hop. At this level, you will focus on expression through movement, and you will also learn new combinations every time. The Advanced Hip Hop Choreo class is focused specifically on picking up new choreography, and on dancing with intention. Basically, the first level teaches you how to move, the second level teaches you to make those movements your own, and the third level teaches you how to pick up new routines quickly.

You can also explore an advance Hip Hop/Latin Fusion Class, an Industry class aimed at advanced dancers trying to break into the professional dance industry, and even high heels Hip Hop Classes! (Guess which shoes you wear to that one).

This variety at this studio is truly a thing to behold. The studio itself is located in Tampa Heights and occupies a gorgeous and cavernous second-story space in a historic brick building. At the Hip Room, they say that to move your hips is to move your soul. They believe that dancing can help individuals find joy, health, and happiness. They are friendly and inclusive, stating on their website that “The Hip Room is a unique Tampa dance studio. This studio was created to break free of the typical one-size-fits-all approach to dance instruction. We believe that the best dance instruction is built around the needs of the student.”

If you are looking for a unique, positive experience with Hip Hop classes, you cannot got wrong at The Hip Room.


Dance Fit at LVL UP

If you are looking to Hip Hop for fitness, then look no further than LVL UP in Seminole Heights. The Dance Fit class combines many styles of dance into a unique fitness workout. The instructor puts on some music, stands at the front of the class, and simply guides you through a variety of pre-choreographed routines designed to get your heart rate up and your booty shaking! The class is largely Hip Hop heavy, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself rocking out to your favorite jams. The class takes off like a racehorse, so make sure you are paying attention, but the moves are easy enough for any level to master. If you want the experience of doing a complete choreographed routine without going through years of training, then this is the class for you!

LVL UP is a fantastically inclusive studio, stating that “Our mission is to provide the ultimate dance + fitness experience in a fun, supportive and positive atmosphere. Our classes are for people of all ages and skill levels.   No dance experience necessary!   We provide the moves, you pick the level….watch as you LVL UP!”. They also share fun and positive facts about dance, stating that “Regular dance practice can increase your flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health.”.

LVL UP is a fantastic way to burn calories to the rhythm of your favorite songs. Everyone from beginners to advanced dancers has something to gain from cutting loose and exploring fitness through Hip Hop Movement.


So the next time you watch someone get down in a Hip Hop video and think “I wish I could do that, “ remember that there are plenty of classes and instructors out there who can help you to achieve your goals and even your pipe dreams! Hip Hop is for everyone, so find a studio and have fun!

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