Nutritionists may have debunked that whole “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” marketing campaign from decades back, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat your body to something healthy and delicious first thing in the morning!

It may not be easy. The American South is a huge fan of delicious, yet fattening breakfast foods like chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, and of course cheesy grits – but the following three restaurants will surprise and amaze you with their hearty, delicious, and most importantly, healthy breakfast options! Tampa is a very healthy city, with various walking/jogging paths, dozens of gyms to try, and outdoor yoga happening everywhere you look. Why not keep that attitude rolling through mealtime too?

So whether you are enjoying a bite bright and early, or rolling into these places at 11am with oversized sunglasses and a hangover, you will be able to find menu items that work for both your tongue and your waist.

Daily Eats

901 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606

The Daily Eats is an institution on South Howard Ave, a youthful party scene in Tampa. It is owned by the Ciccio Restaurant Group, which you have definitely patronized before, as they are responsible for some of the best dining options in the city (think Fresh Kitchen and the Green Lemon, just to name two out of their dozen). The menu at the Daily Eats is stacked with customization options and is heavy on the puns, and it features a great “staff favorite” section, so you won’t have to put your waiter on the spot.

Below are the three yummiest and healthiest items on the menu:

The best sweet option:

Good Morning…Honey

“Fresh mixed fruit, sliced strawberries, candied pecans, crunchy granola & creamy vanilla yogurt topped with whipped cream and honey”.

If you leave the whipped cream off and add a cup of black coffee, then this bowl (available in large or small) is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and give you that burst of energy you need to make it to the afternoon.

The best savory option:

The Goat (omlette)

“goat cheese & sautéed spinach topped with smashed avocado.” Comes with your choice of grits, home fries, fresh fruit, oatmeal.

Adding an oatmeal to that protein-heavy eggsation will keep you so full and satisfied that you may even be able to skip lunch!

The best overall option:

The Monday Morning Breakfast Bowl

“scrambled egg whites with diced red onion, chopped turkey sausage, fried jalapeños & American cheese served over fresh spinach”.

This option is Gluten Free and overall low on carbs. The egg whites and turkey sausage are super lean, but the addition of a cheese still makes it feel decadent.

So if you like to eat breakfast daily (like so many do), then don’t miss the Daily Eats.


Three Coin Diner

7410 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

If you aren’t looking for anything fancy…in fact, if you are looking for the exact opposite, then this diner is the perfect place for you! This fantastically greasy and unadorned diner is a neighborhood institution, and it is open 24 hours. If you decide to head that way during the morning hours, then check out these fantastic healthy breakfast items below.

Below are three of the best healthy options on the menu that will start your day out right:

The best sweet option:

Cantaloupe with Cottage Cheese

This is a diner classic. Sweet, fresh, and with a dash of lean protein, this breakfast will keep you energized all morning. It is reliable and delicious, every single day.

The best savory option:

Feta Cheese and Spinach Omelet

No one does omelets better than diners, and this omelet is the best one on the menu. The savory combination of fluffy eggs, wilted spinach, and salty feta cheese is sure to satisfy your breakfast cravings, and the protein will keep you energized all day.

The best overall option:

Lo-Cal Sliced Turkey

This sliced turkey comes with cottage cheese, tomato, a hard-boiled egg and lettuce. Everything on this plate is lean and healthy, making it a fantastic choice for your first meal of the day!


The Restaurant – Oxford Exchange

420 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602

When most people think of the Oxford Exchange, they think of the trendy Buddy Brew Coffee Bar, the classy Té Bella tea counter, or the beautifully appointed center space with tall ceilings, eclectic decorations, and dozens of UT students desperately working on different assignments. But if you venture from that main atrium into the restaurant side of the building, you will be rewarded with a delicious and very healthy breakfast.

Below are three fantastic choices when it comes to eating and feeling your best at the Oxford Exchange:

The Best Sweet Option:


“chia Greek yogurt, toasted coconut & almonds, mango, candied ginger”

This eclectic combination of flavors is nearly guaranteed to taste like nothing you have every tasted before. Plus, the nutritional value of the chia, yogurt, almonds, and fruit will satisfy your body’s health needs.

The Best Savory Option:


“spinach, tomato, bacon, goat cheese, crispy Yukon fingerlings”

Simple, complete, and nutritious. If you want to be super conscious you can always skip the bacon.

The Best Overall Option:

Kale Scramble

“egg whites, black quinoa, kale, roasted tomato, goat cheese, green onion”

This dish is almost aggressively healthy, but with the savory tang of goat cheese and the deeper notes of roasted tomato, you will hardly notice that you are doing something so good for yourself!


There is a great breakfast/brunch culture in Tampa, so if you want to participate in the morning rush without participating in the sometimes corresponding weight gain, make sure you are frequenting one of these three restaurants. Any of the menu items listed above (plus several more there wasn’t space for) will keep you feel full, light, healthy, and ready to take on anything the day has in store for you!

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