Do you want a way to keep your heart rate up and your waist slim, without forking over the money for an expensive gym membership? Maybe you want to try something new, like Yoga or Boot Camp, but are reticent to make an investment in something you might wind up hating. Sure, you could follow various YouTube videos alone in your living room, or go for an occasional jog…but sometimes the half the challenge of working out is keeping a consistent routine. Sometimes you need other people around you to motivate you and keep you on track! Whatever your reason, your need, or your preference, the good news is that there are several ways to exercise in Tampa, without having to pay a dime!

Below is an incomplete list of free workouts throughout Tampa, and after that there is a sample monthly schedule that will definitely help you to stay fit for free!


This is a great series since Lulu Lemon brings in local teachers from around the community. You will have a different instructor teaching a different style every week. It is important to connect with your yoga instructor, so if you find someone you really like you can always start attending the studio they work at!


This class takes place right before sunset in Tampa’s gorgeous riverfront park. Bring a mat, some water, and even your four-legged friend if they are well behaved and practice some yoga outside! It will not be the most meditative class you have ever taken since it is hosted in a busy city park, but the sense of community surrounding this class is lovely.


Another free yoga class! This one takes place Saturday mornings in the garden of the Ybor City Museum Society. It is a great way to kick off your weekend and maybe undo some less-than-healthy food and drink decisions you made Friday night…Yoga Loft, a studio in Ybor City, hosts, so you will experience practice with a variety of their instructors if you attend regularly.


If you want something a little bit more upbeat than yoga, try out this Zumba class hosted by the Downtown YMCA. The class takes place outdoors in Curtis Hixon Park, so you can take in some fresh air and workout all at the same time. Zumba is an upbeat, dance-based workout. You may feel a little silly boogying down in public, but it is worth the workout!


Another Curtis Hixon workout! This class is hosted by the Bamboozle Fit Club and is free and open to the public. Just bring some water, and you’re A-game because this class will absolutely kick your butt. It may be wise to schedule Thursday as a rest day after this class…


  • Free 5K run, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings

Running for Brews is a social club that gets together an astonishing four nights a week to share the loving of running, and beer, of course. This group is open to veteran and brand new runners, with everyone running the same course at their own place. On Mondays, the crew meets at the Pour House in Channelside for a 6:30 pm fun and a 7 pm free yoga class. On Tuesday, they meet at MacDinton’s on Howard ave for a 7 pm run. On Wednesdays, they are back at the Pour House for a 7 pm run, and on Thursdays, off to Yard of Ale on Howard for a 7 pm run. There are other chapters of Running for Brews in different Tampa neighborhoods, so make sure you check out their site to find the club closest to you.


This run club meets weekly at the Fit2Run store at Tampa’s International Plaza. They run for about 5K and then return to the store to talk about everyone’s favorite sport! This crew is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, with most of the participants actively training for an upcoming race. If you are looking for a good pair of running shoes, you can’t do much better than Fit2Run, so why not kill two birds with one stone and grab some new shoes before you hit the pavement?


  • Sattva Yoga in Seminole Heights – first class free!

At this studio, your first class is free! So check out the cute little bungalow that has been converted into an intimate and welcoming yoga studio. You’ve got nothing to lose. The owner, Kelly, is welcoming and knowledgeable. This is a great studio to check out if you are new to yoga – no egos here!


Orange Theory offers a super intense high-intensity interval workout. At most studios in Tampa (there are several) your first class is free! The class consists of running on a treadmill, rowing on a stationary machine, and various body weight and free weight exercises. So try it out, who knows, you might get hooked!


This is another Curtix Hixon Park class! Every Monday at 6 pm, come take this high-energy circuit class that merges strength training with dance that will spike your heart rate while toning your muscles.


This free class only comes around once a year…but it is well worth the wait! This upbeat cycle studio hosts classes in a dark roo, lit only by the light from the giant monitors playing the accompanying music videos to the songs you are peddling to. It is like a workout crossed with a party and it should not be missed. Plus, what’s better on your birthday than a free workout?


This isn’t technically group fitness, but considering how many people are walking, jogging, biking, and skating up and down Tampa Bay’s famous Bayshore Boulevard all of the time, you will absolutely feel motivated and supported. Bayshore features a waterfront sidewalk that claims to be the longest unbroken sidewalk in the world, measuring an incredible 4.5 miles. If you want to tackle that whole distance, go for it! But if you would rather just jog one or two, feel free to ditch out at any time.


If you are interested in water front views, but not too thrilled about the jogging, then check out the Bayshore fitness trail, right outside of downtown. The trail consists of outdoor gym equipment spread over a mile of the Bayshore waterfront. You can do everything from pull-ups to knee-dips to crunches, all on completely free, city equipment! Make your body weight work for you with this fantastic circuit.


Al Lopez park is another great place for jogging, and like Bayshore Boulevard, has several pieces of outdoor gym equipment spread throughout the park. There are less stations than on the Bayshore fitness trail, but the stations they have available are sure to keep you toned and feeling strong!


Bonus workouts in St. Petersburg & Clearwater

Damon Reio is a personal trainer and owner of Physiques in St. Petersburg, FL (just a short drive from Tampa). Every Saturday morning, he hosts a free outdoor boot camp class, which he says he started to prove to people that you can get fit without hiring and expensive personal trainer. This class is no joke, you will find yourself doing push-ups, squats, and doing resistance training with bands.


The Pinellas trail is an amazing linear park created out of an abandoned railway corridor. It stretches from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, and can be used for walking, running, biking or skating. Much like Bayshore Blvd, this trail is usually full of fitness-minded people, so you will never feel too far away from some motivation! The trail is an astounding 38.2 miles long, and basses through Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, South Pasadena, and Gulfport.


With this incredible offering of free fitness routines, it will be easy for anyone to save some money while continuing to look their best. Exercise in Tampa is diverse and plentiful. Try following the hypothetical schedule listed below, and see how you look and feel after just 30 days.


Week 1:

Sunday: 10am Yoga at Lulu Lemon in Hyde Park. Afterward, maybe grab a cold brew at Buddy Brew, right next door!

Monday: 6:30pm 5K run with Running for Brews at the Pour House in Channelside. Follow it up with a free yoga class at 7pm and a cold beer by 8!

Tuesday: 6pm Zumba at Curtis Hixon. Cool down with a walk up and down Tampa’s gorgeous Riverwalk.

Wednesday: 6pm Boot Camp at Curtis Hixon with Bamboozle Fit Club. You will be too tired to walk the Riverwalk after this, but you should be able to make it across the street to Anise for a craft cocktail to celebrate your survival!

Thursday: Take a rest day! Or, use this opportunity to try a free Orange Theory class. Just make sure you call ahead to let them know it’s your first time. They will set aside a treadmill for you and ask you to arrive early to go through workout safety.

Friday: Leave work early and try the Bayshore Fitness Trail! Finish it off with a healthy dinner at Fresh Kitchen, just up the street on South Howard Ave.

Saturday: 9:30am Yoga in Ybor City. Stick around afterwards and check out the Saturday Market that takes place in the historic district right across the street!

Week 2:

Sunday: 6pm Yoga in Curtis Hixon Park. Once you finish your Shavasana, sit up to watch the sun go down over this historic University of Tampa across the river.

Monday: 6pm VKNG Boot Camp Class in Curtis Hixon. Grab some BBQ at Holy Hog downtown after to celebrate.

Tuesday: 7pm Run for Brews at McDinton’s on South Howard. Stick around for a beer after and enjoy the patio.

Wednesday: 6:30pm run with Fit2Run. The store even features a small food counter where you can get cold pressed juice and healthy meals once you have covered a few miles!

Thursday: It’s been a run-heavy week. Maybe take a night off again, or try the Al Lopez Fitness Trail, maybe stay late for a picnic after?

Friday: Take a walk along Bayshore and keep an eye out for dolphins! They can often be seen out in the bay.

Saturday: 8:45am Boot Camp in North Shore Park in St. Petersburg. This class is worth the drive down. Once you are finished you can spend the rest of the day exploring the fantastic downtown St. Petersburg, which includes the Dalí Museum an unbelievable Saturday morning market. Maybe you can even pick up the supplies for a picnic in Vinoy Park.

Week 3:

Sunday: 10am Yoga at Lulu Lemon in Hyde Park. If 11am isn’t too early for sweets, drop by Hyppo for a fresh fruit popsicle after.

Monday: 6:30pm Run for Brews at Pour House, followed by a 7pm yoga class and obviously, a beer!

Tuesday: 6pm Zumba Class in Curtis Hixon, maybe this time grab a slice at Eddie & Sam’s, some of the absolute best pizza in town.

Wednesday: 7pm Run for Bews at the Pour House. If you are hungry afterwards, walk over to Fabrica for some brick oven pizza!

Thursday: Our standard rest day. Or, an opportunity to check out Sattva yoga? Seminole Heights has a great restaurant scene if you are hungry afterwards. Ichicoro Ramen is right down the block!

Friday: Rest up. At this point, you will need it.

Saturday: 9:30am yoga class in Ybor City. If you want some breakfast once you are finished check out La Creperia Café right down the block.

Week 4:

Sunday: 6pm yoga in Curtis Hixon Park. Maybe head back to a walk on the river walk once you are done?

Monday: 6pm VKNG Boot Camp Class in Curtis Hixon. If there is something good playing, follow it up with a show at the Tampa Theater.

Tuesday: 7pm Run for Brews at McDinton’s on South Howard. If you want something other than beer once you are finished, head down the block to Haven for a fantastic wine selection.

Wednesday: 6pm Boot Camp at Curtis Hixon with Bamboozle Fit Club. If it’s a nice night, take a stroll on the Riverwalk for a stroll.

Thursday: Leisurely jog down Bayshore Boulevard. Enjoy checking out the Bayfront mansions along the route!

Friday: Time to rest!

Saturday: Head over to Pinellas county and check out the trail. Bring your bike and see if you can do the whole thing! You’ve spent a month being fit…you may just be able to handle it.


So stay fit, stay frugal, and enjoy the results!

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